We are The Divine

Counseling has always been my biggest “tool” in my adult life. In recent sessions I’m learning the more I trust myself the more She provides me with what I need. I’m regaining trust in myself by listening to my soul. She is all knowing and all powerful, for She is filled with the dirt from the ground, the water from the oceans, and the star dust in the heavens. She has everything I need to persist, to be resilient, to create this new and meaningful life. She’s known all along what I’ve needed, sitting patiently in my subconscious for me to notice Her. She came to me months ago and told me, “Enough is enough! We hurt, we’re tired, we’re sick, we’re shutting down, we’re barely living.” This time I listened. I took the time I needed to heal Her and Her tired soul. I gave Her healthy food and hot baths. I read books to Her, played an instrument for Her, practiced yoga and meditation all in Her name. For She gave me life and I owe Her mine. She is the Divine. I am the Divine. I am all that I am and all that I need. It’s always been there and will always be there. This physical body is my spirit’s vessel throughout my life and my spirit depends on me to care for her until she’s ready to leave this world and move on to Her next spiritual journey.

This path to truth I’m following is opening my eyes up to the meaning of spirituality and how it dictates my life. I believe in the tiny seedlings that grow into giant trees that shape our lands. I believe in the Moon and the tides that dictate all life around me. I believe in the solar system, the galaxy, and the Universe that create an infinite amount of beauty. All these things are powerful and they all affect us, we just have to be open to receiving them. Once we do, we finally understand what it means to be connected to everything. And to be connected to everything means being loved and supported by a force greater than ourselves. It gives us a sense of security. It humbles us. It allows our minds to wander worry free while knowing we’re still in the embrace of the Divine. We are the lotus flower that germinates through the mud, reaching its roots into the ground and shooting its stem above the earth to create a beautiful flower that sits atop the mud, despite the mud. It does not let that which is dirty or difficult stand in it’s way; the lotus flower is resilient. And so are we, for we are The Divine.

I allowed todays thoughts to come full circle and fill me up with light and hope. I noticed how not only did the words make sense in my head, the meaning felt good in my body, it connected itself to my spirit. It made sense and I felt its truth within me. I think that’s what this is all about, the path to healing. Quieting our inner storm enough so we can enjoy and connect with the world around us. I’ve read lines like that over and over again and it never made complete sense until that moment of reflection. I was connected. My mind, body, and spirit were one in this moment. I’d reached an organic state of being and it never felt so empowering. I’d done it! This, my friends, is what happens when you trust yourself. Be quiet. Listen. What is your body telling you? What is your spirit striving towards? What can you let go in your life that is no longer serving you? If we can begin to ask these questions we can begin to trust ourselves and follow our path to the answers, our own personal journey of healing.

Right now, in this moment as I’m typing, I feel whole, I feel at peace, I feel strong, confident, driven, and empowered. I give myself over to that which is greater than me, the Divine. I open my mind and heart to the experiences that bring me knowledge and a better understanding of life around me. I feel the importance of each choice, each step, each move, and the weight of it all will not crush me, for I trust I am strong. I am resilient. I am whole. I am important. And I have a right to be here. Just like you.

Thank you for reading and joining me today. I hope your day is full of light, love, and happiness.

With gratitude,


2 thoughts on “We are The Divine

  1. I am so happy you are finding peace and contentment and trust in your soul Kayla. God gave us this beautiful world to discover His unending love for all creation. And it sounds like you have discovered that love. You are so special, love ya girl ❤️

    1. Thank you, Mama Duff! Your love and support is always felt and appreciated. It’s a life long lesson that creates space within ourselves for healing. I’d been denying my spirituality, therefor, denying myself the tools I needed to sufficiently heal. Through great friends like your daughter and practices like therapy, yoga, and meditation, I’m opening myself up to healing and evolving. It’s a truly beautiful place to be.
      -Kay 💜

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