DIY: Lemon & Vinegar All-Purpose Spray

Bonjour beautiful souls!

I’ve been using a lot of lemons lately. I really enjoy grilling chicken and asparagus with lemon juice and zest all over everything. Oooo, and garlic. *drool*

Instead of tossing the rinds in the garbage (can’t feed them to the chickens often and rarely put them in compost) I wanted to find a way to use those bad boys up. My search brought me to the easiest way to make a nice all-purpose cleaning spray.

Whatchu need:

  • Quart mason jar with lid
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Colander
  • Bowl (preferably with a lip for easy pouring)
  • Funnel if you like to get messy when you pour
  • Spray bottle. I’ve been using the same plastic bottle for nearly 2 years. Use what you have available. If you need to purchase a bottle I would suggest glass. Amazon has some options. (Unfortunately, I haven’t run into any in local stores. If you know of a place I would appreciate hearing about it!)
  • Patience. This is going to sit for two weeks.

Put the rinds in the mason jar and cover with vinegar. Screw the lid back on, label with either the date you made it or the date you need to open it. The longer it sits the better it gets. Two weeks is optimal. While that little guy sat in my pantry I used up what I had in ye old spray bottle.

When two weeks is up strain the liquid and pour into your spray bottle of choice.

It smells so good! The two weeks wait was totally worth it. I love the bacteria killing power of citrus and vinegar. I didn’t waste my lemon rind, saved money by not purchasing commercial spray, and created a healthier alternative for my family. I’ll call that a win.

What is your favorite spray to use? If you use a commercial spray-do you know what is in it? Do some research- you may be surprised to find it’s not all groovy. What do you do with your bottles once you’ve used them? What do you do with most plastics when you’ve used them?



4 thoughts on “DIY: Lemon & Vinegar All-Purpose Spray

  1. If a little bit of the rind pops up out of the vinegar will it pose a problem with mold within the two weeks? 🤔 I didn’t have enough vinegar on-hand to fill my jar so I sort of just jammed my orange peels down so they’re all submerged for now 😅

    1. Haha! I’ve actually run into this problem myself. I just made sure the jar was sealed tightly and turned it every so often until I got more vinegar
      🙂 or until the two weeks is up. Should be good to go. So glad you’re trying it out!

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