Grateful (not so Dead) Gardener

Hello sweet loves! This will be multiple posts.

The newspaper method has been a success. I’m kinda geekin’ out over it. Last year I had a rough time trying to find my babies amongst the CHaos of weeds…and those dudes tend to look like the plants I’m growing which gets even more frustrating. Eww. BUT! Not this time. Everything has been wonderfully easy to find, and I’m also able to spend more time doing things I love….like not weeding. haha!

We are to the point now where we just watch and enjoy the growth. I’ll go out from time to time to pull a few weeds, but it’s so little that it takes like half an hour to go through everything. There’s still those stubborn little a**holes that like to pop up right next to my plants. Mainly it’s purslane, which is apparently delish and full of vitamins and omega-3’s, but she likes to overcrowd the plants I intend on being there, so…buh bye purslane. Maybe next time I go out to weed I’ll actually keep some and see what it tastes like.

Have you tried purslane? What’s your take on it?


Last year we planted over one hundred fifty tomato plants. My harvest was out of this world! Literally…I still have over half my harvest in the freezer waiting to be made into chili starter and pasta sauce/pizza sauce. So, I decided that I wasn’t going to do that again…. I crack myself up. I did it again! I just love tomato plants. They are easy to grow (basically a weed) and SO easy to transplant. When I initially plant my tomato seeds I just take a pinch and put them in the earth. I don’t worry about how many plants are going to be bunched together, because I’ll end up dividing them and moving them around the garden. Which is exactly what I’ve done again. ….I’m not gonna plant a bunch of tomatoes… baaahahahaha.

(Also, there’s a rando tomato plant that popped up next to my Johnny Jump Up’s outside of my food gardens HA! Must be fate. *See featured image at the top.)

Just throwin’ seeds around all Willy Nilly!

I actually have some broccoli and cauliflower growing this year! I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I’ve tried now for three years and have had the WORST luck. My first ones didn’t even turn out. The second I had ONE plant go and it shot up so fast in the heat that it went to flower before I had any real veg on it. Lame. This year isn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but it’s way more than I’ve had in the past. I also planted them were we get the least amount of sun during the day. I think they like it so far.

In the areas that the broccoli or cauliflower didn’t pop up (I have no idea which are broccoli and which are cauliflower, I’m so bad at labeling things), I simply moved my tomato plants in their place. I also did this where my bell pepper plants are lacking.

I’m not sure what you are…but I’m glad you ARE!
“I miss my friends”

It may not look like it, but these guys are gonna be just fine. I just made a hole big enough for the root to touch bottom, put him in there, added Nates Proprietary Earth Blend to fill the hole, and added a little water to get him started. They are always upset for the first couple of days being away from their friends and all. But once they get going they realize…”it’s nice to grow big on my own!” Ha! I’m weird…I know. 🙂 Just remember when transplanting tomatoes: 1) Separate roots GENTLY- this isn’t a race 2) Use moist soil to fill the hole and 3) Give them refreshments (aka water) right away…not too much, and not too little. (Honestly you’ll figure it out after you’ve killed a few…which is why I always plant so damn many! That, and I’m a goon.)

After transplanting and giving some TLC to my babies, I’m a little bit of a mess and hella grateful (not so dead, because I don’t have to weed so much!) for a beautiful day in my beautiful garden.

What are you grateful for?

Until next time,

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  1. I have a little tomato planter I want to use, but I’m afraid they’ll get too big for it. They just grow and grow!

    love you Manda ❤❤

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