Kindly Pick Up Your &@#$%!* Garbage…PLEASE.

I needed an extra post this week… I’m so incredibly frustrated with humanity. I’ve been having anxiety attacks nearly everywhere I go lately; all of them due to garbage.

Today I took a walk on the beach with my dog Lucky (aka Duck). I was looking forward to some relaxation and really just enjoying some time with my boi. Quickly, I found I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy it as much as I was hoping. Instead I found myself bending over, and over, and over to pick up pieces of garbage coughed up by my beloved Lake Michigan. And as I kept bending over and touching what she hacked up I started to cry. I tried not to. I tried to reel it in and take a deep breath, but there was no stopping it.

I nearly felt to my knees begging mama Earth to forgive us. She treats us so well, and we treat her like she’s not even here. It’s like we treat her the way we sometimes treat our own mothers. Ouch.

It’s been a long while since I’ve actually went to the beach to enjoy the BEACH. Usually I just look at it and chill in my vehicle while enjoying the waves and sunset. I had no idea how bad it is out there! No wonder there are people out there trying to raise awareness. I feel majorly ‘woke’ today.

Two of the most beautiful souls I know, Dan and Anastasia, had a sun up to sun down road trip to each of the five Great Lakes. They paddle boarded, and did a ten minute beach clean up at each one. You can see their journey here. I love seeing people do things that are near and dear to my heart. Mother Nature doesn’t deserve all this bullshit we are throwing at her. She doesn’t deserve to cough up plastics, styrofoam, cigarette butts, etc. Her birds and sea life do not deserve it either.

Please, for the love of mama Earth…pick up your garbage. Do mama Earth one better and pick up at least one piece on your way out. I feel like we all deserve to live in a world that is cleaner and happier. Don’t you?

May the wind be at your back today and may you pick up your garbage always,

4 thoughts on “Kindly Pick Up Your &@#$%!* Garbage…PLEASE.

  1. Yes girl! It’s sickening the way people just toss their trash wherever it may land. Blaine and I had a discussion about the way there is sooooo much garbage everywhere and he stated that people that litter should be punished by having to pick up garbage for a whole day!

  2. OMG you are so right about this! We all need to start caring for Earth and I so feel you girl! I watch everyday as trash is being thrown out on land. It’s not fair and I think you should keep on talking about this and help raise awareness just like how I do! You go girl!

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