Grateful (not so Dead) Gardener Part II

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping in.

I’ve had Casey Jones by The Grateful Dead stuck in my head, hence the post name. You’ll find from time to time I have a song to go along with my posts. That’s just the way my brain rolls.

Again, I’m LOVING this newspaper method. If you haven’t check out my post on the newspaper method you can find it here. It’s really been nice not having to spend hours getting weeds out of my garden. PLUS, the weeding I do end up doing is more nit-picky because I have the time to be. BONUS!

I’ve really been enjoying my squash this year. They look so good and their flowers always get me. If you were able to come along for a ride inside my world you would hear me saying things like, “Oh HiEE pretty babies!”, or, “Look at your pretty flowers!” There’s just something about squash flowers that get me pumped up. Probably because I know something good is coming …also I love flowers and wish I had more in my yard/garden. (I’m totally a work in progress when it comes to flowers. I think I can, I think I can.)

Some more purslane in the corner there.

One thing about zucchini is that one plant yields A LOT. Also, when you think, “Oh, I’ll just let that guy go for another day or two…”, DON’T! That baby will be a foot long and far too big. Last year we had quite a few monsters. I’m gonna try keeping up with them this year. Sometimes they get lost in the sauce so to speak. The stalks of the leaves end up looking just like the zuccs and then, again, we’ve got extra jumbo dudes. Where they are groovy for big meals and baking, it’s not so great for flavor.

My other fav this year is our three sisters. If you don’t already know about this technique (I didn’t even know until last year), it is corn, pole beans, and pumpkins (or other squash such as butternut, spaghetti, etc.) The corn, or in our case corn and sunflowers, are planted as well as the squash of choice. When the corn/sunflowers are about six inches tall the pole beans are planted in a triangle pattern around them. The pole beans climb the stalks of the corn and sunflowers- so no need for fences or poles- and the squash act as a nice weed barrier. It’s so great, and it’s working pretty well so far. Everything is getting pretty tall. I get so excited for the moment I’m able to walk through that area of my garden with everything towering over me. It’s such an amazing feeling.

I’ll be singing to my beaners soon!
Sunflowers from seeds Kay gave me last year! <3

My pumpkins are lacking a little this year. I have definitely hit a learning curve with the newspaper. You can see in the photos that some of our plants are shorter than others, and that’s because they were planted a few weeks after everything started popping up. I realized that I wasn’t making the hole big enough in the newspaper for the plants to really pop through correctly. I was really focused on weed mitigation and not so much on my plants. So, as I went through planting seeds I realized I needed a bigger space. Bigger spaces allow for more weeds, but in this case I’ll take the weeds so my plants can get through without a struggle.

Alas, my favorite thing about gardening is the learning curve. Every year I figure out new ways; new techniques; better techniques. I feel like this makes me a better gardener. And, hey!, it’s fun to learn.

Speaking of learning… what are your all-time favorite perennial flowers? I need more love in my yard.

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful gift of life we have. What a time to be alive!

May the wind be forever at your back,

2 thoughts on “Grateful (not so Dead) Gardener Part II

  1. Looking beautiful my beautiful friend! My fav perennials at this time are definitely the Black-Eyed Susans, Gladiolus (plant multiple bulbs together in bulk so they can support each other – learned that the hard way!), Hydrangeas and Peonies (these guys are super and awesomely perfumy but are also fragile to harsh wind and rain so be sure to support them)! Garden on my friend!!

    1. Thanks Groo 😘 I’m planning on getting some hydrangeas soon. Wish me luck! Haha. I hope when I finally get everything together it looks like what I dream about.

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