Farm and Garden Report! 🌱

Hello farming fanatics and gardening gurus! Welcome back to the blog, I’m so grateful to have you here today. We’ve got a fun post for this Friday. Time for a farm and garden update.

I’ve had a very exciting couple of weeks with the farm animals and gardens around my house. We’ve got a couple new layers and some delicious harvests from the gardens. Finally! On both accounts. I’m one of the least patient people you’ll ever meet so this is kind of a big deal.

This week’s big project for me was weeding and feeding my gardens. I got four of them done last week and had two more to do this week. Once I weed them they’re pretty good for a couple weeks, but it’s always nice to keep up on them otherwise they end up looking like a jungle. See below lol!

I joked with Jamma and told her I was writing a farm and garden post this week so it would force me to weed the frickin gardens. Sometimes you just need to light that fire under your @$$. Well I got it done and boy oh boy does it look better. The plants will be happier, too! With so many weeds, the plants won’t get all their needed nutrients, so a few of them are looking pretty sad right now. I’m hoping they’ll bounce back over the next couple days.

I had a few extra tomato plants and was only able to pawn two off on my seester. Thank you Bronti! So…I have four extra tomato plants in planters and I procrastinated and didn’t get them cages in time. Now they look all wonky and hap hazardous. Hahaha claaaassic Kayla move. Anyway, the other day I decided to get creative and use what I already had at home to make some makeshift cages. They turned out ok for what I had. I was happy with the results. Thankfully, I only had four because they were a pain to make. We’ll see if they work! They better frickin work…😂

I’ve had some fun with my extra planters the last couple weeks. They’re really shooting up and starting to bloom. Wednesday night, I planted another planter full of wildflowers to help promote pollinators in my gardens. Bees, birds, and other bugs are what we like to see! I’ve even added a little Bee and Bug hotel! Someplace for them to rest and recoup from a hard day’s work. It’s been so much fun dressing up my vegetable gardens this year.

Once I got everything weeded, caged, and taken care of, I added some organic fertilizer and watered thoroughly. Everyone seems extremely happy to have more room and a boost of food! I will continue to weed as often as I can and feed them fertilizer every two weeks until the trees turn colors and my gardens cease to exist.

Speaking of food….I am a proud mama hen here to announce I officially have three more girls laying eggs for a total of five layers! That means I’ll get five eggs a day. WOOHOO! IF everyone ends up being a female, that means ten eggs a day! Almost as many as Jamma. I couldn’t be more proud of my little ladies. We keep the girls in a safe coop at night so no predators can get to them and let them free range all day. They have a 100% organic diet. The layer food and cracked corn we fed them is organic and throughout the day they eat ALL the bugs and plants they want. They’re our little built in bug patrollers. Check them out! They’re freaking adorable.

Please excuse the mess in our backyard. We are currently under construction. The white barn in the bottom left corner is being built so we’ve got a lot of misplaced junk just laying around. Oh the beauties of construction!

Anyways, here are the eggs I’ve been getting. I’m not 100% sure who all is laying besides my two girls from last year, but I did just find out we have an Ameraucana and they lay blue-green eggs. How frickin exciting!! Check out my eggs, yo!

Cute little pullet eggs! The new layer’s eggs are small to start but get bigger the older they get. Eventually, they’ll be about the size of the white egg. Homegirl (white chicken pictured above) lays the white eggs and is a SUPER layer! She’s a Leghorn and I strongly suggest getting that variety if you’re looking to get a lot of good, hearty eggs.

Well, it’s about that time to wrap up this week’s post. I hope you had as much fun reading as I did cultivating everything. As always, thank you for your time. Be sure to comment on how cute my chickens are! 😉 Or how your farms and gardens are doing so far. We’d love to see pictures! Have a happy Friday and wonderful weekend!!

Peace and love my friends!

Kay ✌️💜🌱🐓

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