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Hello and happy Friday my wonderful yogi’s! It’s been a long but wonderful two weeks for me and I am incredibly happy to share today’s post with everyone. It’s something I’ve been working very hard on for the last few months.


Yes, you read that correctly. We’re finally talking about yoga! Today I’m going to talk about how it’s not only healing me, but connecting me more with my mind, body, and spirituality.

Yoga is something I’ve practiced for years and it has never been a regular practice for me until now. I’d use it as a workout or a way to spend time with friends. It was sporadic but I always loved it. Now my love and respect for my practice has grown deeper and truly opened my eyes to what it means to live a fully healthy life.

During a yoga practice, you focus on all things ‘you’. Your breath, your sensations, your body, your pose, and much more. It’s very grounding. How often do we get moments like these in our busy day? For someone like me who has a hard time focusing, it makes it easy to finally focus on myself. I use yoga as a way of looking inward. An opportunity to learn more about myself, heal myself, connect with myself. It’s absolutely beautiful, even when life doesn’t coincide with that feeling at that particular moment. Give yourself a break, get on your mat and have yourself a little practice full of love.

When I hit my mat, I focus on how my breath fills my lungs, stomach, and the sensation I get when fresh air is supplied to my bloodstream. It feels like it’s dancing and swirling through my veins! I focus on what my breath does for me. It allows me to slow down and have single thoughts instead of the usual noise that normally inhabits my mind. I can feel my body releasing, sinking deeper into the pose. Releasing tension in my body and mind. Releasing thoughts and worries that no longer serve me. I can feel my body reaching a pose and telling me to stop. This is as far as we go today. Or to take a breath and sink a little deeper into the pose. It’s important to listen to our bodies so we don’t injure them. They’re sacred and deserve gentle love. Breathe in healing. Breathe out love.

While that sounds like unicorns and rainbows, there’s a much more important part to practicing yoga. It’s energy. We are all made up of energy, surrounded by things that give and take energy, and sometimes that depletes or overfills us. Practicing yoga is a way to realign that energy within our sacred bodies. We don’t want to give off or take too much. We’ve all heard the old adage, “Too much of a good thing…” Energy works the same way whether it’s positive or negative energy. Too much or too little and we can’t function properly or in a healthy manner. We can’t be expected to! Life is all about balance, and yoga helps us restore that balance. If we begin within ourselves, we will notice shifts in energy around us. The people we spend time with, the places we go, the things we buy, the words we choose, the thoughts we have, the natural emotions that emerge. Balance is key.

Since I’m not an instructor, and my yoga teacher best friend is off getting her Masters at art school, I find other ways to practice. I have a book called Wheels of Life and each chakra chapter (we’ll get into chakras in a later post) has poses directly correlated to that chakra or energy center in our bodies. I also have a counselor that practices yoga as a way of emotional healing so she gives me poses to practice at home. The best kind of homework! I also use YouTube a lot! A lot, a lot. Yoga with Adriene is my favorite, but as long as I’m feelin the instructor, I’ll do the practice. I have a playlist on youtube devoted especially to yoga. Click the link here if you’re interested in trying something new or getting to know a little bit about my type of practice. My favorite is Yin but I love me a good vinyasa flow.

Before yoga, I battled paralyzing depression. I couldn’t hardly clean my house, let alone leave it. I’m still battling the deep dark but when I practice yoga the weight is lifted. Somehow my practice has changed my perspective on my particular brand of depression and how I can live with it instead of letting it take over my life. Yoga gives me self confidence, something of which I have very little. It also helps me focus on what’s important. Taking care of MYSELF! I have to take care of myself for me and my family. My husband, my dogs and cat, chickens and ducks, gardens, parents, siblings, friends, and everything else I deem important. If I can’t take care of myself, how can I be expected to take care of them when they need it most? It helps me make better choices, choices that are value based instead of emotionally based. It pushes me to go the distance and endure everything with gratitude and pride. It’s bringing me closer to my healing process, my different energy bodies, and my counselor. On top of all of these wonderful changes in my life, it is also keeping my body active and healthy. I feel strong for the first time in a decade. I feel comfortable in my body. I’m learning to love myself again. Yoga is literally saving my life!!

I’d like to get to know a little bit more about our readers and I feel this is a great topic for all of us to connect. What kind of yoga is your favorite? How long have you been practicing? Do you take classes, teach, do yoga from home? Feel free to send us pictures of your practice, as well! We’d love to see all the wonders yoga is doing for you and your life!

Thank you for tuning in today. I am forever grateful for and humbled by our community. Thank you for all that you do!

With love and light,

Kay 💜

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