My Obsession: Chinese Food

Hello Sweet Loves!

I’ve had quite the harvest with zucchini and crooked neck squash all-summer-long! I usually have quite the challenge with figuring out how I’m going to feed this much squash to my family. How much squash should one family eat, anyway?! I do pawn off at least half of our harvest to family and friends. Just ask Kay. I literally dumped a butt-load of gigantic zucchini and (thankfully) medium-sized crooked necks to her.

That brings me to what to do with all that squash. Enter CHINESE FOOD! I’ve always had a love for Chinese cuisine. Don’t get me started on crab rangoons (drool). After having to change my diet due to autoimmune issues going out for Chinese food is out of the question, so I’ve been happily making my own…a lot. (Sorry hubby!)

Warning: when I cook I never measure ingredients. So, as you see the veggies listed it’s basically however much you want in your dish. Sometimes I don’t want an equal amount of everything, and sometimes I want raw veggies for extra crunch. Go with the flow. Cooking is about the experience as well as the outcome.

I visited the Farmer’s Market downtown Muskegon with my boo, CJ and got some awesome finds. What I love most about the farmers market is that when I say, “I have my own bag, just dump it in here”, they DO! It’s no problem at all. I love a Zero Waste win like that.

I grabbed some lovely broccoli, sugar snap peas, and green beans for my cuisine.

I like to chop while I cook. I’ll start with the ingredients that take longer to cook first, add those in, and continue on my way. There’s more of a quick flow that way. For picture purposes I chopped everything first.

When using squash in any recipe I cut both ends off, cut in half, and remove the seeds with a spoon. I then slice them into thin logs and chop away. Seeds are not good for compost, unless you want randoms popping up in your garden, haha! I save the scraps for my chickens. Such spoiled girls.

Can we just talk about garlic for a minute?! My recipe just says “garlic” in the ingredient list because, well, again, I don’t measure. Maybe it should say something along the lines of “a sh** ton of garlic. In this recipe I used almost a whole bulb. I love it. I love all the garlic and I totally suggest using a sh** ton because it’s so amazing. I love the antiviral properties of garlic. I love the taste, the smell, the texture. ALL OF IT! So, use it up, and enjoy all the glory garlic has to offer.

Here we go!

The general tso sauce is one that I made up from researching other homemade recipes, as well as looking at the ingredients on my favorite kind of general tso sauce. I wanted to try to be less wasteful as well as making a healthier option. It’s Nate approved, so that works for me! *Side note- if you’re anything like Kay’s hubby, Mr. Mack, and you don’t like vinegar, feel free to experiment with the amount you add. I add lots because I’m a vinegar lover.

Sometimes I don’t have all ingredients on hand. Use what you have. I don’t buy rice vinegar and I try to stay away from rice with my diet- so white vinegar it is! Do you like soy sauce/liquid aminos/coconut aminos in your recipe? ADD IT! If you don’t tolerate/are on AIP or anything like it, cut out the items you can’t have. Like I’ve said before, make it your own. Cooking is an experience.

I hope you try this recipe. Let me know if you like the sauce! I’m always down for critique. I’m not a measuring kind of girl, so this was definitely a challenge for me.

Bon appetite!

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