Stop Texting and Driving!

Hey All. I’ve been having a hard time with something lately. Thankfully, I have this outlet…I’m not sure how to reach these people I see everyday, so this is the best option I have. Share this with everyone you know:

Texting and driving is NOT okay.

In fact, one out of every four accidents is caused by texting and driving. (National Safety Council)

Monday through Friday I drive the same way to drop Ethan off at school. And multiple people are texting and driving. I got so angry about it on the way to school yesterday that I rolled down my window and screamed at a woman (we were at a stop light) GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE!

It blows my mind that we are so engrossed in our phones that we can’t even stop at a light without grabbing it to check it. Nate was in extremely slow- moving traffic the other day and said nearly everyone around him was on their phone. One person, in particular, was WATCHING A SHOW. Phone on the steering wheel, Netflix goin’, catching up on the latest….WHILE DRIVING. I don’t care how slow you’re moving. There is no need for that mess.

Every time I see someone texting and driving they tell me that my life, my CHILD’S life, is not important to them, let alone their own life!

The only job we have while driving is to DRIVE. We do realize that we are driving very heavy vehicles that can ultimately kill someone, right? I wonder if people who text and drive know that they are swerving all over the road like a drunk driver would. In fact, I followed fellow a few days ago and he was all over the place. Where was his phone, you ask? Did you guess that it was in his hand, right by the steering wheel (using the wheel to disguise his phone) while texting and driving?! DING DING DING! You’re a winner! Dude did it all the way to the school. When he got out of his vehicle he was still in his phone, walking across traffic to get his child, then walked back still phone in his face all the way back to his car. **FACE PALM MOMENT**.

Please, if you’re a texting while driving kind of person, stop telling other around you that you don’t care about their lives. Please find a way to put your phone away. Your conversation, your show, your whatever-the-eff-you’re-doing is not more important than my life. So quit it!


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