Self Transformation .lys.

Today I would like to talk about self transformation and how our daily habits dictate who we become. When we take a moment to reflect upon our lives, it can seem overwhelming to think about the amount of work it would take to upgrade our circumstances. But we have a choice. Just like a person who becomes wretched by acts of self loathing, a person who engages in habits out of self love will become more peaceful.

So much of our lives are dictated by external forces. We’ve got to get the kids to school, arrive to work on time, clean the house. Seldom do we take an hour just for ourselves. And what happens? We get depressed, restless, easily frustrated. And ultimately we come to really dislike ourselves and the life we are living. When we dislike ourselves, the relationships we have with our loved ones become strained.

When it feels like the world around us is caving in, how do we get back control? Well, I will tell you a story. Digging through some old journals, I found a quote I wrote 3 years ago. It was an epiphany I had during a time where I was experiencing a huge shift in my life. This is what it read:

If it can be that way
And I like that way
And I am capable of making it so,
Why wouldn’t I?

At that time I was living in an apartment that wasn’t so great, working a job I didn’t like, and my self esteem was essentially in the toilet. I was only 27 and I thought, “This can’t be it. This is not what life is about.” I began to visualize the person I wanted to be. I saw myself doing handstands on the beach, hooping on stage, and traveling the world. Then I looked in mirror and was like, “Damn, I’ve got a looong way to go.” I wanted better for myself and the only thing that was stopping me was my own unwillingness to put the work in. So naturally I flipped the switch and got right on it. Not.

For two years I only put in half measures. I lacked discipline and self motivation. I took steps here and there, but not enough to make the impact that I really needed to bring my vision into the earth plane. I realized that if I actually wanted to make a difference in my own life, that I would have to start making better choices every day.

The Long Hard Road

So one year ago I made a commitment to myself. I decided that I was going to pick ONE thing to do everyday that I thought would benefit my life. I chose to make yoga a non-negotiable part of my routine. I made sure to fit my practice in first thing in the morning so that no matter what kind of b.s. I encountered throughout the day, at least I did yoga. It was daunting at first, but the longer I did it, the more momentum I gained and the easier it became.

What happened as a result? For starters I lost about 30 pounds. My relationships with my friends and family got stronger. The mental clarity I needed to focus on my art came back. My aches and pains went away. Most importantly, I’ve restored my self confidence and have manifested a life that I love. Now, I still can’t do a handstand to save my life but that is OK. I find peace in knowing that I am actively working toward that goal.

Find Your Flow

Rejoice in the journey, not just the destination.

So I ask you to take a moment and allow yourself to go inward. Ask yourself, “What parts of my life need some extra love and attention?

Next, visualize the ultimate version of YOU.

Pick something you can do for 30 minutes to an hour five days a week. You could learn a new language, take up figure drawing, or start walking. Find your flow, whatever it is.

TAKE ACTION. Do what makes you happy. But make sure you do it. Remember, daily practice brings results.

See where you end up in a year. You may be surprised at just how good you can feel.

Much love,


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