Anahata: Loving Me Where I Am Right Now

Every Tuesday for the past five or so weeks, Kay and I have been getting together early in the day to go over our quiz for the Extension Master Gardener Program, do a Chakra card reading, eat healthy food, talk business/blog things, and get our yoga on.

While I love every bit of hanging out with Kay, I especially love our Chakra card readings together. I can’t really say if I know that the cards have some kind of “power” in them, or if I’m the one that gives them power, but I can say that whatever card I get it ALWAYS relates to what I’m working on during that week, or just in general.

Usually I choose a card that is linked to the Sixth Chakra (Ajna. Third-Eye Chakra). Kay giggles at me and says I live in the Sixth Chakra, which is totally true! I live in my head and in spirituality constantly.

The funniest part about living in the Sixth Chakra, is that everything I do comes back around to the Sixth Chakra! No matter what I do. No matter what card I choose. No matter what yoga practice I do. I always come back to Ajna. That’s because, for me, everything is leading to a higher state of consciousnesses. The more connected I am to Source, the happier I am, the more I can give, the more I can share of myself.

The thing about Chakra work that I love most is that it makes sense. There have been many things in my life that haven’t made sense, whether it was spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional…but Chakra work…WORKS. For example: I have adrenal health issues while dealing with Hashimoto’s, which is linked to Root Chakra health. So, I work on that from time to time to keep myself calm and grounded. I’ve been so blessed to talk with friends and family that see the same connectivity with Chakra work.

This week I chose a Heart Chakra card: Love.

“By awakening your true love of Self, you ignite your ability to give and receive true love in your world.”

“Love yourself enough to care about what you eat, who you spend time with and how you look and feel each day.”

This weeks card has reminded me that I am on the right path. I’ve chosen to give myself love without conditions. I don’t have to love myself any less because I ate the wrong food. I don’t have to love myself less because I didn’t get the house cleaned the way I wanted. I don’t have to love myself less just because I’m having a hard day. Because I feel like a failure as a mother. Because I can’t put down the smoking addition yet (AGAIN). I’ve decided to take it one step at a time. No one blooms into the flower they wanna be overnight. NO ONE. So, I’ve decided to love myself where I am now. Right now. And right now I love myself more than I ever have. The more I love me for me, the more I’m able to give others (ESPECIALLY my hubby and child).

Chakra work has been not only helpful with my mental health, but my physical health as well. I love doing Yoga with Adriene (almost) every day. I really enjoy her Chakra work videos because they help me stay connected to what is important. ME.

This week I did a Heart Chakra Flow with Adriene (Rose Yoga). It was so good! Opening up my Heart Chakra really got me connected with Source. I could definitely feel the line from my heart to my third-eye center really open up. It’s one of those ahhhhhh moments. Such a great sign of relief being present in the moment and letting myself open up to my higher power. After all, Source lives within all of us.

How do you connect? How do you let go of your negative narrative and love yourself?

Are you loving yourself where you are IN THIS MOMENT? Please don’t ever forget how amazing you are. You have the ability to turn anything negative in your life into a work of art. I’m rooting for you. Love yourself today and everyday.

May the wind forever be at your back,

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