Chicken Salad: In the Kitchen with an Irish Beauty

Hello All, I pray you find the wind at your back today.

My Grandma Norah passed away years ago. She was a stubborn Irish beauty, and I loved her dearly. There aren’t many days that pass by that I don’t think of her. I have some of her old dishes, measuring cups, bed spreads, jewelry, and recipes that I’ll hold close to my heart for the rest of my life.

One of my favorite things to do with Grandma was eat, OF COURSE! Not just because she knew how to feed us, because boy did she ever, but because she had me help her in the kitchen. I can hear her instructing me now…and the way she said my name…Amand’r. Most of her A’s at the end of words sounded like R’s. I miss that. But I’m so glad that I can hear her in my mind and keep that with me. It soothes my soul. (I also think of her every time I tell my dog, Lucky, to “hurry up” when he goes outside to do his business…I can still hear her say, hurry up, Max!)

One of my favorite meals with Grandma was a simple chicken salad. It got to the point that anytime my family was coming to visit she made sure she had all of the ingredients in stock because I would BEG for us to make it together. She served it on a flaky croissant slathered in butter. *Drool* sooo good. If she would have let me, I would have eaten all of it and never guessed twice. Luckily Grandma was lookin’ out for me. Haha.

The best part about making this throughout the years (besides the fact that I think fondly of my Grandmother every time) is that it’s so versatile. You know how I like to use whatever I have in the kitchen. I make this recipe in so many different ways. I’ll lay out what I did and give some suggestions that I hope Grandma would be proud of. Let’s get started:

Gather your ingredients, mixing bowl, and utensil of choice. Grandma Norah always used a fork, so I suggest a fork. In the photo of the canned chicken below you can see we need to use a fork to separate the chicken a bit. If you want it chunky, leave the fork out of your business.

Chop your veggies and fruit. Make sure if there are seeds in your fruit you get those bad boys out! There are NOT fun for your teeth.

**HOW TO WASH CELERY*** Take a DAMP cloth and run down the rib of the celery. No need to get crazy washing it.

If you’re using fresh mandarin’s you might as well add the rind to your DIY Cleaning Spray mason jar whilst you’re at it!

Chop your nuts. I love my Pampered Chef slap chopper. She makes getting the right chop way too easy. Mix all of you’re ingredients together and you’re golden!

You may have noticed (or possibly have noticed in all of my recipes) I don’t really give you quantities. That’s because I don’t know! haha. This kind of recipe should be made from your heart. Get the ingredients together, chop veggies/fruits the way you like it (or start learning how you like them), add the amount of mayo you prefer and you’re off to the races. Grandma would make a separate batch for my dad because he prefers Miracle Whip. So, use what you want. Make this your own. It’s the joy of cooking (er…mixing in this case.) You could totally make this vegetarian or vegan by switching out the chicken and the mayo. Ta-da!

My biggest suggestions is use the bread you want and the butter or spread you prefer. I like Earth Balance. The buttery flavor makes this sandwich. The bread I use is the Keto bread from Base Culture. I rarely purchase it because its most definitely not a zero waste product (bread is wrapped in plastic and then inserted into a plastic bag- which is for protecting the product during freezing, so I get it.) But it’s wonderfully delish when I’m craving bread.

The Mama Hens want to know…what is/was your favorite dish your Grandmother or Grandfather would make with/for you? Perhaps there’s someone else special in your heart that you made food with. We look forward to hearing about it!

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You,

4 thoughts on “Chicken Salad: In the Kitchen with an Irish Beauty

  1. My great grandma raised me until I was around five years old and her cooking will always be my standard for comfort food. Macaroni salad, chicken and dumplings, the worlds best peanut butter fudge- yum! She did quirky little stuff too that I’ll always have a taste for like putting butter between graham crackers, or pouring sugared strawberries and milk over fresh-baked biscuits.

    1. Hey love! Thanks for sharing this with us. I love quirky little things like this. I’m sure every time you spread some butter on a graham you feel your great grandmother with you. I love moments like those. It feels wonderful to remember those we loved dearly.

      <3 Jamma

  2. She always made that for me on a croissant. Mandarins, half grapes and walnuts with Mayo. It’s still one of our favorites and so easy to make.

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