8 Essentials for Healthy Travel .Julia.

Most health-conscious individuals have a daily routine that helps them stay on track with their goals. Our routines keep us grounded, help us cope with daily stressors, and incorporate our daily habits of health.

Being a health-conscious traveler also requires routine and planning. There is no reason to sacrifice feeling your best while traveling and also enjoying yourself!

Nosara, Costa RIca

1. Snacks

I put this first because it can help save you money and good choices are not always readily available.  Also, food is essential to healthy travel! You want to focus on non-perishables and things you can easily pack. Remember – not all snacks are created equal but there are plenty of “healthier” options out there such as – RX / Kind / Lara bars, nut butter mini bags, fruit leather, nuts and seeds, dried fruit and Epic jerky. I often bring fruit with me as well, just not in and out of foreign countries.

2. Sleep

I cannot stress enough the importance of sleep when traveling, especially for a well-functioning immune system. Crossing times zones, changes in climate, being on your feet more often, all these things tire us out quickly. If you feel the need for a nap, take one, rest and recuperate!

3. Stretching/Movement

Stretching helps you recover from the long plane / bus rides and can help you cope with some of the stress that comes along with travel. Using YouTube guides such as Yoga with Adriene gives you quick and easy access to a free class! You can also take the opportunity to walk more while you are away. Use the waze app to guide you through the cities on a free walking tour!

San Isidro, Costa Rica

4. Hydrate

Water, water and more water! Staying hydrated is crucial. In warmer climates we are sweating more and therefore get dehydrated way faster. Make sure your water source is clean and safe (it is good to research this before you leave). I always carry a reusable water bottle to cut down on waste. You can also use a LifeStraw bottle or a similar brand to help filter your water. Be sure you understand what the bottle can actually filter out before you dive into drinking from the faucet!

5. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can save you from having to make a poor dietary decision based on necessity. Many restaurants have menus or at least pictures of the food available. If you know you’re going out look of options on google and check out places before you go. I have also learned hostels can be a great choice when it comes to a place to stay for a few nights. They often have shared kitchens and if you do your research some have good free breakfasts including fruit and egg choices.

Gallo Pinto

6. Vitamin C

This a great way to boost your immunity while being surrounded by so many people and potential germs. I load up with the Effer-C with Elderberry made by NOW brand during all my trips!

7. Journal

Journaling is something I have personally been working on adding into my routine (more on bullet journaling in a future post). It is a great way to bring ourselves into the present moment and spend time with our thoughts and reflect. You also have a way to look back on adventures and remember those moments vividly by reading your own words about the experiences. A journal can also be used as a tool to track your dietary choices and notice how things may be affecting your digestion.

8. Enjoy Yourself!

Maybe the most important of all… Enjoy yourself! Live a little: trying new things, new foods, and immersing yourself in the culture around you. Don’t beat yourself up if you go slightly off track of your normal diet, allow yourself to enjoy the flavors and savor in the adventure!

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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