Six Tools to Get Your Health Back on Track

For the past year I’ve been really great about my diet…er, my health, rather. And then I let myself go a bit. I’ve gained five pounds. I feel… Round. Bloated. Fatigued. What I eat is everything for me, so I need to get on back on track.

1. Keep a Food Journal

Keeping a food journal when I first started my diet change was extremely important. It kept me on track and kept me sane while dealing with such a big change. Also, it was highly recommended by my amazing doctor.

Your journal should be able to fit inside of your purse, or your pocket. Something that’s easily accessible

Keeping a food journal is also a perfect way to find out what may or may not be upsetting your stomach, or causing an inflammation. Weight loss for me has a TON to do with how much inflammatory foods I’m consuming. This brings us to my next tool.

2. Slapping the Hand That Feeds Me

This may sound pretty silly, but I’m serious.

Slapping my hand means I am in control. Accountability buddies are wonderful…but where are we gonna be if we aren’t accountable to ourselves?

Sometimes I need to give my hand a literal, but mostly figurative slap. Everyday I drive past McDonald’s after dropping Ethan off to school, and boy howdy do I have to slap my hand so I don’t end up taking that easy right turn into the drive-thru.

It’s hard. But just like anything…the more I practice the better I will continue to get.

3. Meal Prep

This is an area I struggle with. The thing is, I LOVE easy to grab-and-go meals. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot stand being in the kitchen all damn day. When I first started my healthy diet I was in the kitchen making three meals a day. This gets exhausting. Most of us have jobs, so there’s just no time for days like this. So, I’m getting back into it.

There are TONS of ideas of how to meal prep on Pinterest, google, you name it. Pick the food that are right for you and your body and set aside a few hours during the weekend to get your prep on. This reminds me of taking the time to mulch my garden…yes, the time upfront is…timeful? HA! But totally worth it for the rest of the growing season. Catching my drift?

4. Stay Grounded

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

Yoga is an excellent tool. I love going into that meditative state-of-mind. It really helps. Yoga with Adriene on Youtube has plenty of great options. My favorite for grounding me down so I don’t go outside of my diet is this grounding yoga.

Why grounding? The base Chakra is what keeps us connected to Mama Earth. It’s pretty literal. Grounding to me means I am in control of what I do. Yoga gives me that control by appreciating my body and how it functions. Yeah, I can’t eat all the foods other people eat…but I’ve found what works for me so I should just be grateful that I even know what diet is best for me. Ground down and enjoy.

5. Bring Snacks Everywhere I Go

Doing this in a Zero Waste fashion is key for me. That meal prepping I talked about earlier is perfect for little snacks. To help make this easier, here’s a little listey-poo.

  • Store smaller portions of what you meal prepped in containers perfect for snacking.
  • Put said prepped snacks in a small cooler when you’re leaving the house.
  • If you’re good with eggs, hard boiled’s are PERFECTION for a quick snack.
  • Things like carrot sticks, homemade hummus, and gluten free/rice free/potato free crackers or chips are YUM for packing up.
  • Before ya leave the house in the morning be sure you’ve had breakfast…or at a least a little snack before you leave. (McDonald’s breakfast screams my name most every morning. DO NOT GIVE IN!)

6. Be Kind to Myself If I “Fail”

Image by John Hain from Pixabay 

There are plenty of moments when I have dissociated from myself and just went through the drive-thru. This is something I’m working extremely hard on. I’ve mentioned it before in another post (about depression) but it’s like watching a scary movie and you’re watching the character go TOWARD the noise and then obviously they die…very quickly.

Something I’ve learned about disassociation is that I don’t have to do it. It is a trauma response that I’ve been used to since I was little. I’m not even sure where it’s from, but what I do know is that I actually do have control over it. It may not be a strong hold YET, but again- with practice I will become a master.

So, sometimes I’m going to fail. It’s a choice. Sometimes it’s gonna be some french fries. Sometimes it’s gonna be a piece of gluten I know I shouldn’t have. But, I have to give myself a pass. As long as I’m not making these things habit (wouldn’t ya know it, I did and now I’m paying for it) I’ll be alright. Even though I fail I have to accept it and move forward. There is no use in ruminating over it. Self-compassion is a must.

How do you get back on track?

💜 Jamma

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