Being a Clairsentient: A Look into Empathy

What is a Clairsentient and how do I identify as one?

Have you ever walked into a room full of strangers and felt gravitated towards a particular person or group? Or been to a place and got a weird feeling that maybe this isn’t a safe space to be in? Or have random people come up and tell you things about themselves? This is an ability to feel deeply. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A Clairsentient or an Empath, is someone who has the ability to feel/pick up on emotional energies besides their own. We possess energetic sensitivities that allow us to tap into a deeper energy field of subtle awareness. Emotions are energy, and they vibrate at different frequencies depending on how you give them thought. We all experience the same emotions, but how they are felt and interpreted within, to the degree of the polarity of extremes, is what makes us different.

The Law of Polarity reinstates this, we are energy, made up of subatomic particles that fill space within an electromagnetic field made up with atoms which contain a proton (positive), neutron (neutral), and electron (negative). These particles are not within the visible human spectrum, but they can be felt/sensed/communicated with our heightened energetic abilities and gifts… For example, if someone is an “energy body” that is hostile, angry, and reactive, an Empath would be able to pick this up within the electromagnetic field, transmuting into a feeling or emotion…giving you a subtle awareness. Emotions will resonate on a degree of positive or negative extremes, allowing you to mentally experience it. Your energy will match or repel with those you do or do not resonate with. This is where the phrase “Vibe Tribe” comes from.

How do I manage my abilities or “gifts”?

The ability to manage the mental experience of my emotions (emotional regulation) and neutralizing or observing is the biggest task of being an Empath. I find that learning to establish energetic boundaries by using intentional meditation, prayer, crystals, sage, palo santo and also being near water are practices I use for self-care. It is important as an Empath to create boundaries and learn discernment between what is my OWN energy, from what energy I pick up from others. Discernment is how you claim your space, and set firm protective boundaries for your energy body. How and how much you allow other people’s energy to affect your personal field is part of growth and development of having intuitive abilities.

As a Transformational Energy Practitioner, my own spiritual and energy practice is critical in my ability to help others. As a human who has many intuitive abilities, I incorporate many Metaphysical modalities into my practice so I am able to hold a sacred space for my clients. If I am unable to observe and process my own energy, I will fail to help anyone in processing their own human experience. Self-care, spiritual practices, and emotional regulation by continuing your own inner quest for knowledge and understanding would be my best advice to those on the journey of an Empath, or to any intuitive healer. You know what is best for you in exploring and expanding your own consciousness. The more you learn to master yourself, the more you can help guide others in doing the same within the Collective Consciousness.

Subtle change in any awareness, is change! And it starts with you!

The biggest struggle for people who attempt to resist their gifts or abilities is that once you become aware of something, you can’t be unaware. Awareness requires constant transformation, and our intuitive abilities come with heavy responsibilities and accountability, and at the end of the day it is our responsibility to show up and make the difference by doing our own inner work.


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