Making Hair Care Zero Waste, Simple, and Affordable

Going Zero Waste, as you know, is a long journey. I’m very appreciative for the time because it gives me opportunity to think, organize, and feel around a bit. Hair care has been one of those feel around a bit kind of things. Wowee, I’ve gone through so many different bottles of ‘poo, conditioners, and products that claim to have all the hare care answers I need. Turns out making hair care Zero Waste has been the simplest and most affordable of all Zero Waste changes I’ve made.

Keep in mind: this journey is not laid out- paved in gold. Sometimes its frustrating or, better yet, overwhelming as f***. The point to remember is you will get to the amount of Zero Waste that you want to be. Hair care is one small step. The more steps you make, the easier it becomes.

I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on and questions about my hair lately. First, I want to say a huge THANK YOU. It’s been a dream in the making for me and I’m so pumped to share my big secret for my circa 1969 Robert Plant look. Mmmmmm Robert Plant *drool*.

Second, it has been a long time coming. My hair and I have had big issues in the past: grease, breakage, falling out, dryness, and psoriasis. I still have psoriasis on my scalp which is always hell in the winter but it’s also an autoimmune issue. Summer sun is HEALING for my skin as well as dangerous. Therefore, it remains very important for me to add all the sunscreen . However well the sun works it’s magic on my scalp- my diet has MUCH more to do with it.

Basically: psoriais = autoimmune issue = inflammation = SUGAR/other inflammatory foods.

Controlling my sugar intake helps with the quality of my digestion (immunity starts in the gut!) and joints. Consequently, helping with the quality of muh hair.

Maintaining a natural scalp pH and hair pH level means that the acidic sebum produced by your scalp will help fight bacteria, keeping your hair from falling out or becoming weak and thin.

Cel Md

Zero Waste Hair Care Products

Let’s talk products…


Talk about making hair care Zero Waste! I’ve even stopped dying my hair, welcoming in my age and the white hair I’ve always wanted. (My grandmother, Anita, has the most wonderfully natural white hair.) Dreams really do come true! Please note: if you want to dye your hair I do not judge. I do suggest, however, that you see a professional to get you the color you’re lookin’ for.

If I put anything resembling a hair care product it’s coconut oil.


Coconut oil is not to add moisture- but to retain it slightly. The smallest amount to damp hair will do, otherwise you’re stuck with a greasy mess and no body wants that. Mr. Brad Mondo recommends argon oil. You do you. However, I highly recommend using as little product as possible to start so you’re getting your pH balanced. Maintaining a natural scalp pH and hair pH level means that the acidic sebum produced by your scalp will help fight bacteria, keeping your hair from falling out or becoming weak and thin. (Cel MD)

Zero Waste Shampoo and Conditioner

Making hair care zero waste means changing up your ‘poo and conditioner products and routine.

I’m currently using this bar shampoo from Amazon (purchased in June and isn’t even half way gone!) I haven’t had the need for the conditioning bar just yet.

I’m actually VERY happy with how it was shipped to me. I didn’t receive a bunch of plastic in the order at all. YAY for Amazon getting on the sustainability train. Are they perfect yet? Naw. But HEY! Small steps are sometimes the best steps. I think Amazon is a great service (especially in a pandemic).

There are a few other sources I’m wanting to check out like ecoroots and the earthling co. Likewise, I think it would be fun to try making my own…but that’s another post for another time.

A note about shampoo bars: I’ve used others before that claimed to be good for shampoo and body wash- those left my hair feeling…weird. Like something was caked into my hair-especially at the roots. The one I am currently using does NOT do that. Plus, the fact that this little 3 oz bar is equal to 18 oz of liquid shampoo absolutely blows my mind.

Zero Waste Shampoo Bar

To Wash or Not to Wash…

This may not seem important but I promise, it is.

Part of my making hair care Zero Waste journey was NOT shampooing my hair.

Again…don’t panic!

Yes- your heads gonna get greasy for a hot minute… but the longer you let it go the more evenly sebum (oils from your scalp) is going to disperse and the less you’ll be washing your hair. So, I highly recommend washing every 3-5 days. If you can get there- you’re golden. I’m now washing MAYBE once a week. That’s a huge maybe, depending on what kind of foods I’ve had and also the amount I run my greasy fingers through my hair.

How I Wash

Starting at the back of the head: head down, hair flipped. Rub the shampoo bar lightly on the scalp all over until a light lather is formed. Then rub JUST THE SCALP until most, not all, of the oil is gone. There isn’t really a reason to wash the middle or the ends of your hair unless you’ve been rolling in a mud pit or something. The ‘poo will just run down the length of your hair as you rinse. No need to repeat. I repeat. haha. No need to repeat.

Add conditioner to just the ends.

Rinse, rinse, RINSE. it. OUT.

Rinse it out.

All the way out.

(Can you tell I’m serious??)

Side note: I don’t use the conditioner every time I wash.

Zero Waste Hair Care~Between Washes

I scrub my scalp the same way I would as if I had shampoo in it any time I jump in the shower and I’m not needing a full on hair wash. This is a good way to get any excess oils out between washes.

If I don’t feel the need to wash….I don’t. So simple!


First, scrunch your hair in a towel- do not scrub it dry. You risk frizz and breakage this way.

Next, if you’re feeling sassy, throw your hair up in an old shirt to let it dry instead of the towel which also causes more damage from the weight of it. (Thanks Ashley!)

Last, if you need to blow dry make sure you are keeping distance between your hair and the dryer. We don’t wanna burn our beautiful locks! I like the diffuser with the spikes on the end so I can get the air between all of my curls.

Getting the Right Cut

Because I have curly hair, and a load of it, I need to have it a little shorter if I’m going to enjoy having (excuse me while I drool) Robert Plant hair. He is and always will be my hair-spiration.


Anyway. Whatever cut works for you. GO FOR IT! I had it chopped a little over a year ago and I was so nervous, but turns out it was my segway into the real look I was going for. After growing it out in a true Robert Plant shag, I felt the deep urge to bring up the back and top a bit to get what I have now.

And I’m in love! Thank you Amanda Lynn for coming to my home to cut the shag off and reshape my hair so it’ll grow out how I like!

Thank you for joining me today. I hope my hair-spiration inspires you to start changing the way you see Zero Waste hair care, and get the look you want. The only question is…

….BABY BABY BABY DO YOU LIKE IT?!? ( Misty Mountain Hop)

May the wind blow your locks just right,

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