6 Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season


As 2020 comes to a close and Christmas gets closer I have this to say: Shop small ya’ll! Why? Shopping small business creates more jobs, keeping our local economy moving. By shopping small this holiday you’re also supporting creativity, giving you one-of-a-kind products and moving away from the way main-stream business would have you go. Amazon is convenient and all, but consider this: the more you support small business, the more beautiful our world becomes. This year I’m pumped to be shopping with Herbal Ratio, Wake Up Sleepy Face Wirewraps, Blue Lace Resin, BillyCat Creations, Jebu, and giving monthly support to local musician, Hannah Laine. Take a gander!

Herbal Ratio

You can’t go wrong with hand crafted love.

Oils, syrups, CBD creams, oh my! I feel Katie’s intension and love through her craft. And have made it a point to support Katie because of this love. There’s nothing better opening a package that has no plastic, or has items in the packaging I know are being reused. Now that’s small business savvy!

Katie uses mullein leaves to fill her packaging, which can be composted or used again. These pure earth intensions are what keep me coming back!

Check out her website.

Wake Up Sleepy Face Wirewraps

This is one of my all-time favorite shops.

There is so much love crafted into the pieces Tasha creates. As a perfectionist, Tasha uses her following to fine tune her craft. There’s nothing better than an artist asking you to critique their work- and then taking the advice!

Tasha supports small business as well. Some of the cabs she uses are made by my cousin, Kelsey over at EverChangeGlass. (Photo below.)

I’ve ordered two pendants so far and I look forward to ordering more!

Hit Tasha up for a custom piece!

Blue Lace Resin

Can you say warrior woman? Cuz I can.

This woman here works hard. All hustle and heart, Alicia has two small businesses, teaches, uses her planner like a masterpiece, has two children and still makes time to have date nights with her hubby. Amazing!

Not only is Alicia working on perfecting her resin craft, but she also loves (and I obviously do too) safer beauty products for us all.

Alicia is a badass. I highly recommend you support this hard working woman.

Check her Etsy out!

BillyCat Creations


Oh my goodness, if you do not love this craft then you’re out of your damn mind!

Lillian gives us her heart and soul in her crochet creations. Supporting body positivity, and empowering self expression for all are just a couple of her attributes. And to that, I say FLOCK YEAH!

Something I extra love about Lilly is she uses up her scrap materials to create something new. It makes my heart leap for joy.

You can’t go wrong with beautifully crocheted tops, hats, gloves, plant hangers, skirts, etc.! I have a couple of plant hangers on the way and cannot wait to show you how gorgeous they are.

Check out her website for more details!

Photo: Courtney Klok Photography 


Do not underestimate the power gentle-men can hold.

Not only is their craft absolutely mind-boggling amazing, but these dudes are the real deal when it comes to loving all beings; supporting Black Lives Matter, and feminism… ya know, equality for all.

Meet entrepreneurs David and Bradley. These two men are beautiful souls wrapped in love. Each piece created is HAND CRAFTED using the wood carving techniques you see below.

Support this small business by shopping their website.

Love Tik-Tok?! Check out Bradley’s riiiiiight here.

Hannah Laine of Earth Radio


This year has been a huge hit for the music scene. You may think music isn’t “small business”, but I would argue otherwise.

Now, I do not personally know Hannah, but I respect the hell out of her music, talent, and strength. The first and last (for now) time I saw her perform I was absolutely awe struck. She reminded everyone in the room that women are powerful forces and we should all be fighting back against the hate that is so rampant in our world right now. Not with our fists, but with our voices. It is important work she is doing!

Hannah is offering up meditations, poems, exclusive access into her songs and lyrics, and discounts on Earth Radio (band) merchandise. Monthly donations range from $5-$25.

Check out her Patreon for more info.

Photo cred: Focal Points at Local Joints

Which small businesses/artists are you supporting this year?! Drop a comment with their info. <3

May your Holiday be Merry, Bright and full of Support,


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