5 Alternatives to Buying Wrapping Paper


I’m pretty sure we can all agree, wrapping paper is SO wasteful. Yet another item we buy just to turn around and toss it in the garbage. Christmas is a wonderful time of year and I can tell you, growing up it was really fun opening tons of gifts every year. Spoiled AF. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy it still. I love gifts. Why do you think Amazon is so popular?! It’s so much fun to order things and be like, “oooo! I forgot what I ordered… It’s like Christmas!” (insert eye roll here- ugh, JAMMA!) It has become obvious, after watching the aftermath the garbage companies collect year after year… we are wasteful beings. And, as much as it might hurt to hear, if we are not a part of the solution, we are a part of the problem. Reduce, reuse, THEN recycle. That being said, here are my 5 favorite alternatives to buying wrapping paper.

1) Packaging from Online Shopping

Anyone else been ordering offline more lately?…no? Just me? Haha. So, why not save the materials and use them again for Christmas gifts? This is a great alternative to buying wrapping paper. I reuse the boxes, and those brown pieces of packaging paper. Perfect for wrapping up gifts. My girl, Ashley, irons out her packaging paper for a nice clean look. Personally, I’m not that committed to the way my paper looks, however if you’re a perfectionist like Ashley, do it up! (It really does look quite nice.)

2) Paper Bags

Sometimes I forget my bags when I go grocery shopping, so I end up asking for paper bags, instead of plastic. Yes, there are arguments that paper bags use more resources to be created. I still argue that they can breakdown faster, therefore being the best option. I’m ready for the day Michigan bans plastic grocery bags, altogether. Paper bags are a wonderful alternative for buying wrapping paper. Gently pull the bag apart and get wrapping! It may not look the best on bigger packages…but lets be honest- DOES it really matter so much about the wrapping as much as the gift actually matters? (My hubby wraps like a monster on purpose- just to prove this point.)

3) Gift Bags & Tissue Paper


Another great example of an alternative to buying wrapping paper. I’m that (control freak) person at every birthday party/shower that sits in the front, folding all of the tissue paper into neat piles and putting all the bags and boxes together, and I’m totally not ashamed. I’ve even been known to take wrapping paper that wasn’t damaged and save that as well. It’s my calling card to simply say, “this does not belong in the trash!”

Funny anecdote: my siblings-in-law and I have a birthday bag we pass back and forth every year. It gets passed rather quickly as our birthdays are very close. I try to make sure it comes back to them and stays there, but the dang thing always ends up in my bin! We call it the ‘clap’ bag (like the STD). Here’s a video to bring it all together for ya. Maybe it’s not that funny but I’m cracking up over here!

4) Cloth

This is the BEST alternative to buying wrapping paper. I love that you can use this over and over and over again. And (because I’m selfish) I always ask for my wrapping back. There are tons of people out there selling cloth wrapping, which is awesome, but I challenge you do use what you have at home. Create your own. Use old t-shirts, etc. Your only limit is your imagination. (Pinterest helps too, wink.)

Another cloth suggestion: if you’re giving a scarf as a gift and you have another item you’re giving this person as well, wrap the extra item in the scarf! Trust me, scarfs are NOT hard to find at thrift stores. Oooo, it’s going to be a beautiful Christmas!

5) Baskets

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

One of my favorite alternatives to buying wrapping paper is to give gifts in a basket. If you get a basket from me you know I put a lot of thought into this gift. There are TONS of baskets at thrift stores now-a-days. You really can’t go wrong. And- instead of wrapping the basket in that crazy plastic crap, leave it unwrapped, or use my cloth wrap suggestion above. Use what you have for filler, if you need, otherwise let it go! Who cares?! You’re about reducing your waste, not conforming to the “norm”.

Thanks for stopping in today!

What, from above, is your number one alternative to buying wrapping paper?

May your Christmas be less wasteful year after year,

*featured image by giftpundits.com – edited by moi

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