Better Together

Hey All. What a beautiful 2 years it as been blogging. Not only did I cultivate many friendships through blogging, but the friendship between Kay and I has grown exponentially and I am ever so grateful for the love and honor I feel just being her friend.

That brings me to this. This is my last post as a Mama Hen on Sixteen Hens.

I realized I was doing too much on one platform. I needed to take my niche and move it elsewhere so that I could concentrate on what I love most: reducing waste.

I’ve learned so much through blogging: what it it is that I need to do, how to write, what people respond to (they really don’t like being yelled at about their garbage!) And…dear reader, I won’t be gone gone. I’ll still write on this platform from time to time.

I’ve turned Sixteen Hens completely over to Kay and I’m so pumped to see where she takes it!

Kay… KayBabe…KayKay…KaylaLeigh…my mayn, my homie, one of my very best friends… damn girl, I love you. You are the fire I needed to get moving. You have such a beautiful way of encouraging others, encouraging me. Thank you for suggesting we start this together. Thank you for the opportunity of getting to know you, to write with you, to laugh and cry and scream with you. Thank you for loving me so deeply and bringing me along on your journey in mental health. Mayn, you have no idea (maybe you do) how down right grateful I am for you. Your encouragement has gotten me through a lot with my own mental health journey. And I know my physically health journey would be very poor without you there to listen to me bitch about how much I just want bread! Haha. Thank you for the daily yoga, the daily texts, for being a constant in my life that I know without a doubt I can depend on. Thank you for lighting a fire in my dark corners, Leo. I absolutely cannot wait to see where our blogging journeys bring us and I’m so excited to be doing it TOGETHER.

We started this journey TOGETHER and we will continue down the rails TOGETHER….just on the opposite side of the tracks.

You’ll be able to find me starting July 1st on my new blog, Waning-Moon. I’ll be focusing on reducing waste at home and in my community! It’s already starting off to be hugely exciting and I can’t wait to show you what’s happening! Follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook (@purposefulreduction).

(Links also below.)

Thank you to everyone who follows along- it’s been a wild ride understanding blogging and getting deeper into it. Thanks for sticking it out with us! I am absolutely pumped for where the future brings us….


<3 Jamma

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