For the Love of Unplanned Pregnancy

This combining dance of two creating a whole… a relationship practicing love through showing up to all colors of emotion. When approaching doubt, we continue learning how to create something of strength and nourishment together.


Gratitude-2019 Gave Me Exactly What I Needed

A sister is both your mirror and your opposite. Elizabeth Fishel HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray your celebrations were nothing short of excellent. 2020 is giving me the opportunity to show my gratitude.Gratitude is essential for my mental health. Gratitude keeps me balanced and humble. So, this year I’ll be posting more about gratitude when […]

The Farm and Garden Report: How I Prepared for this Year’s Winter

Well well well, winter decided to come early this year! Anyone else still have leaves on the ground under all the snow? Me too…didn’t even have a chance to mulch them into the ground before the snow flew. I barely got my gardens cleared out before the snow. It took me forever, considering seasonal depression […]