Why I’m Choosing Distance Learning for the 2020-21 School Year

These are my personal opinions based on MY life. This isn’t a cookie-cutter issue. Above all, whether you choose distance learning, sending your child back to school, or homeschooling please know I understand how hard this choice is.


Mental Health Quotes to Get You Through Your Day

Hello my wonderful hens and roosters! I hope you are all healthy and practicing safe social distancing. These are some crazy times we’re living in! Considering the craziness we’re enduring, I figured it might be wise to post some supportive mental health quotes that might help you get through these unprecedented times. Quotes that have […]

Owning Up to White Privilege

I realize that all of this coming from the mouth of a white woman may seem like a conceited attempt at absolving white guilt. I promise you, I am not here asking forgiveness for the actions of my ancestors, or even the mistakes I may have made in the past. I am here as a friend, a sister, an auntie, an artist, and a woman to take a stance. And that stance is this: I propose we wake up to the injustices that are constantly causing people to feel less than worthy.