Meet the Mama Hens

Hi and welcome to the Sixteen Hens blog!

My name is Amanda, but please, call me Jamma. (My good friend, Mr. Mack, nick-named me years ago. I am determined to make it stick!)

I live in West Michigan with my amazingly supportive husband, Nathan. Together we created the grooviest kid I’ve ever known, Ethan. We also have one cat, Clutch, one dog, Lucky, and sixteen thirteen hens…get it?! get it?!

I love to goof around but get sh** done. I have a bit of a foul mouth, so I’ll do what I can to keep that at minimum. I wear leggings like they are pants…oops. Generally speaking I have very little patience, but am learning to find more everyday. My little farm family keeps me grounded. And I find the Universe has the best sense of humor.

My life’s purpose is to bring about positive change within the world around me. To achieve that purpose I have set forth the following goals: (1) Be as healthy as I can with my mind, spirit, and body (with the occasional cheat, more about diet later). (2) Live sustainability and (3) Zero Waste.

With all of these goals in mind, I hope to inspire others to join me in this incredible journey, without judgement. With unconditional love, understanding, and support we can create the positive change needed for longer, happier lives. It really does take a tribe.

You may see this squish face often 😉

Peace be with you always,

Hello beautiful souls, I’m Kayla! Welcome to the Sixteen Hens Blog. I’m excited to have you here! Sixteen Hens is a blog page devoted to real life experiences revolving around zero waste, farm and gardening, overall health, and caring for the environment. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experiences with each and every one of you!

           My entire life I’ve been drawn to nature. When I was a kid, my parents would often take my siblings and I to the Grand Haven beach for sandcastles and Pronto Pups. In my preteen years, my natural curiosity grew and I’d play in my back woods pretending to be Harriet the Spy. As I grew, my days and years were filled with family camping, fishing trips, kayaking adventures, and good ol’ sloshin’ through the mud in my muck boots trying to find and identify as many plants and animals as I could. Now, as an adult, nature plays a major role in my beliefs and healing process. I love spending my time outside with my husband and our many pets. The connection and peace I feel to the environment around me is truly magical.

           Sixteen Hens is a translation of my life into a blog. I’m passionate about caring for the environment, I’m curious and excited to learn more about farm and gardening, I’m truly invested in my mental and physical health, and I’d like to connect with you on each of these wonderful pillars in my life.

           Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. May your day be full of light and love.

With Gratitude,